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When people lack the basic needs thatneedsgoods that support survival and well-being, they are forced to think in terms of hours, minutes, and seconds—to spend their limited time on the necessarydull, sometimes dangerous work that will keep them going, one day at a time.

When these needs are met, something incredible happens. Freed from the immediate needs of today, people can start to imagine what they might do tomorrow…and how they might create a long, full life in the months, years, and decades ahead.

At the Chris Long Foundation, we focus on meeting two of the most fundamental needs that face our disadvantaged neighbors in the U.S. and around the world: access to clean water and a good education.

Why these two? Because providing these simple necessities makes a huge impact on quality of life—in ways that are hard to understand for those of us who take them for granted.

Have a look through our site to discover how water access and educational equity set people up for success, now and in their futures—and find out how CLF combines the power of athletes’ digital platforms with the support and dedication of fans to spread awareness, raise funds, and meet these vital needs at home and abroad.